FRIST (Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology) is involved in the research and development of cost-effective remediation techniques and methods for investigating and assessing the need for measures at contaminated sites.

FRIST was launched in early 2004 and have collaborated with numerous companies and organisations in research and development project during the years.

Opportunities for collaboration

The main methods for collaboration between our members are:     

  • Industrial Doctoral Student
    A person employed by a company who pursues graduate studies at Chalmers and works on a doctoral project. Chalmers provides the supervision, but the doctoral student remains employed by the company.    
  • Industrial Assistant Professor
    A person with a doctoral degree who is employed by a company, but does research at Chalmers on a part-time basis. We provide the premises and a place on a research team but the employer pays the salary and any associated costs.     
  • Commissioned research
    Senior researchers work on issues identified as important by one or more organisations.
  • Student theses
    We set up student degree projects according to your wishes and with close connection to research. In exchange, you benefit from our expert knowledge as we supervise the work.  

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