Below you find the ongoing research projects at FORCE, divided into categories. 

FORCE-SPOC collaboration

Integrated WDM Transmitters for Ultra-High Capacity Datacenter Connectivity (iTRAN)

Short-haul optical links

Multi-Gbps scalable and energy efficient on-board digital processors employing multicore vertical embedded optoelectronic engines (MERLIN)

Multi-Tbps optical interconnects (MuTOI)

Transversely distorted high contrast gratings for tailoring the optical field in vertical cavity microlasers

High speed and High Temperature 1 µm VCSELs 

All-Digital Radio-over-Fiber: A New Radio Transmitter Architecture for Future Wireless Applications

Long-haul optical links

Energy-Efficient Optical Fibre Communication

MIMOptics: Multi-mode coherent fiber-optical communications

Technologies for spatial-division multiplexing: The next frontier in optical communications

Advanced modulation and coding

Coding for optical communications in the nonlinear regime (COIN)

Polarization aware fiber optic transmission

Nonlinear siliconphotonics for optical communications

Phase-sensitive amplifiers

Phase-Sensitive Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Noiseless Phase-Sensitive Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications

Optical networks

Adaptive optical networks

Interference is not noise

Towards flexible and energy efficient datacentre networks

Closed Projects

High contrast grating VCSELs for WDM computer interconnects

Super-high efficiency VCSELs

Optical channel estimation and performance monitoring

Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

Power-Efficient Tbps Transmission

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