Digital Twin Platform

​Research Area Leads

Anders Logg, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers 
Björn Skoogh, Sweco 

Main Objective 

Develop an open platform for interaction, design, experimentation and optimization of cities. 
  • Open data, open source
  • Support research activities at the centre
  • Integrate and facilitate data and methods
  • Disseminate research and development

Caption: The Digital Twin Platform is an open and scalable system of databases, software, processes and expertise that together support the activities of DTCC. The diagram illustrates the flow of data from external sources (databases or sensor data) to support perceptualisation and utilisation within the Quadruple Helix (Public Sector, Citizens, Industry and Academia). Data is also augmented and complemented by modelling, simulation and physical and virtual prototyping.

Page manager Published: Fri 27 Mar 2020.