Triple helix diagram of DTCC centre partners

About us

​The centre aims to establish Digital Twin Cities as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction and management of sustainable, intelligent and inclusive Swedish cities and regions.

Our mission is to...

…make Sweden a leading European country in the implementation and utilisation of digital twin cities. 
…help to enable all Swedish cities and municipalities to utilise digital twins as a main tool for sustainable and inclusive planning and management. 
…become recognised as an international leader and a strong contributor to the global research and dissemination of knowledge and practices for digital twin cities. 
…make strong and lasting contributions to fulfilling the UN SDGs at different levels. 
…support the full integration of the digital twin concept in all parts of the planning process for the Built Environment.  

The surge of digital twins in the Built Environment 

Sustainable development, management and transformation of cities need to tackle a diversity of challenges, e.g., rapidly growing population and housing shortage, climate change, limited resources and segregation. At the same time, cities need to be planned and managed to provide high quality living environments. During the last decades, a variety of digital tools have been developed to support both the planning and management of cities, as well as the inclusion of civic society. Here, the concept of a Digital Twin – which is rapidly emerging throughout many disciplines due to advances in technology, computational capacities and availability of large amounts of data – plays an important role. In short, a digital twin is a living virtual model, a connected digital representation of a physical system and has been a central concept in the manufacturing industry for the past decades. This concept is now starting to gain traction in the built environment with application to single buildings as well as entire cities. 

Realising cutting-edge research with strong public and private partners

A broad consortium of 31 Swedish and international stakeholders with the base at Chalmers will cooperate in Digital Twin Cities. Cutting-edge research will be conducted in eight different research areas, covering all aspects needed to develop the large-scale digital twin technology, and to harvest the opportunities it brings in new approaches to urban planning & design, architecture and digital construction. To facilitate uptake and implementation for Sweden to spearhead the necessary digitalization of the built environment sector, a particular focus will be on knowledge transfer to industry and public actors.
The centre is led by the Chalmers Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Area of Advance, Information and Communication Technology. Digital Twin Cities is located at “A Working Lab” at Johanneberg Science Park where researchers from several departments, along with industry partners, students and guest researchers, will work together.

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Apr 2020.