Theme days and workshops

Theme day on healthcare science and architecture: Emergence of a common research area - example Room4Birth September 22nd 2019
Healthcare architecture for politicians - Coordinated knowledge as a basis for good investment decisions March 21st 2019
Theme day on Future buildings for psychiatry September 16th 2018
Theme day: Building for the primary care of the future April 17th 2018
Workshop: Updating "The good ward" concept program September 19th 2018
Why do we sometimes build wrong, despite knowing better April 6th 2018
Theme day on dialogue for healthcare architecture and community building September 18th 2017
Theme day on healthcare buildings for a post-antibiotic world September 21st 2017
Theme day on single-patient rooms May 11th 2017
Light in healthcare environments September 19th 2016
Theme day: How is good healthcare architecture created June 2nd 2016
Theme day on visualization May 11th 2016
Healthcare buildings of the future April 4th 2016
Theme day on buildings for primary care Januari 27th 2016
Roger Ulrich honorary symposium December 9th 2015

Theme day about flexibility and generality in healthcare architecture. September 8th 2015.

Workshop about future finance solutions (Workshop kring framtidens försörjningslösningar). June 17th 2015.

Theme day about knowledge transfer between health care building projects. May 26th 2015.

Theme day about wholistic solutions for future's safe operations environments. March 18th 2015.

Theme day about healthcare's administrative work places. February 5th 2015.

Theme day about architecture competitions for health care and elderly care. May 6th 2014.

Health care closer to the patient (Patientnärmre vård). A theme mingle. April 29th 2014.

Space for healing and play (Rum för att läka och leka). A theme day about making space for children and youth i health care buildings. March 25th 2014.

Technologically intensive environments in health care, effects on patients and staff. March 5th 2014.

Theme day about the meeting point of art and architecture within health care. October 15th 2013.

Strategic room and property planning for health care. Whole day workshop September 5th 2012.

Evidence-based practice workshop. June 12th-14th 2012. Read the invitation and program (pdf).

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