Transformation Leader Summit 2020

Leading transformation in an increasingly scattered world​

The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe has earlier held meetings for Transformation Leaders – individuals in organizations that take responsibility for large transformation initiatives or are involved in the governance of many transformation initiatives. This year we cannot meet in person, but we have another idea: Let´s meet, share and learn in a virtual series of events. 

At previous Transformation Leader Summits the feedback has been clear: The most valuable part is to be able to discuss with peers – and help each other with the transformation challenges, pain points and opportunities of each case.  The second most valuable part is to get external input and inspiration from academics and leaders. Therefore, we suggest that all participants connect in smaller groups together with a coach from CHLE. We put you together in groups with peers that have similar experiences and challenges (we know most of you). To support your thinking and spark new ideas we set up events, where we gather around themes that we believe to be core to the transformation you are a part of. 

We have engaged three high-level speakers to discuss Digital Business Model Change, Artificial Intelligence in Practice and Transforming Organizational Systems on three different occasions. In conjunction with these events, and at least on two other occasions, the peer group meets digitally with the CHLE coach present to give feedback on each other’s cases. 

The CHLE is a non-profit organization. To cover our costs for arranging the Summit, we need to charge SEK 5000 excl. VAT per participant from non-partner organizations. Partners of CHLE and CHL US can send up to four participants, partners of ELL 2 participants.

Our planned sessions are the following:

​​3 June, 14:00-16:30, CEST

Fredrik Hacklin, professor at Vlerick Business School and CHLE faculty
"Driving Business Model Innovation as a Digital Game Changer"

24 June, 14:00-16:30, CEST 
Rebecka Cedering Ångström, Principal Researcher at Ericsson Consumer and Industry Lab
"The Practice of AI"

19 August, 14:00-16:30, CEST
Johanna Pregmark, PhD, Chalmers and CHLE faculty
“Core to Edge and Edge to Core – learning system transformation” 

Note! Outside these event dates, the coach of each peer group will book two sessions where participants present their cases to the peer group for support and ideas. Furthermore, the coach will help you prepare for the case session, and help you get access to material that you may need in your role as a transformation leader. 

About the initiative
The challenges of digitalization, sustainability transitions, energy shifts, and the push for stakeholder value creation all create systemic transformation challenges for organizations. Such transformation usually includes many initiatives and projects. They could be driven at a different pace, in different parts of the organization and with different stakeholders in mind. Nevertheless, they need somehow to be coordinated towards a common purpose. To drive transformation, leaders need to find ways to continuously learn from each initiative to create the road ahead. 

We invite leaders of larger transformational initiatives, leaders that oversee bouquets of such initiatives, and leaders in charge of driving the development of transformational capabilities. Examples include new technological areas, such as electromobility, AI or new e-commerce solutions, and the integration of new advances in the existing organization. 

We hope to attract leaders from a variety of businesses to effectively learn across industry lines. We suggest that organizations send two participants each to create a joint experience to bring back to the home organization.
Interested? Do you know somebody that you would like to nominate? Please let us know! We have a limited number of seats and will work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We hope to see you soon, if not in person, then virtually!

On behalf of the Team and Partners,
Prof. Tobias Fredberg, Executive Director,
Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe

Page manager Published: Thu 14 May 2020.