About us

The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership is a CEO led community created to help purposeful leaders build high performing companies and a better world. Its partners and faculty develop and share practices to achieve and raise their higher ambitions.
Trusted and engaging companies are more innovative, have fewer quality issues, and attract the best employees. They have a Higher Ambition – a purpose and a business model that involves creating value together with stakeholders. This enables them to take on goals far beyond benchmarks, and be more entrepreneurial in getting there. Higher Ambition leadership is the art of leading these organizations. Not surprisingly, a higher ambition model is superior for financial success.
The Center for Higher Ambition leadership is an international community of likeminded where we develop knowledge and practice and spur each other to greater achievements. We gather high aspiration CEOs and their employees, senior academics and other thought leaders in the quest to innovate the future of management.  We currently have over 50 partner companies in centers led out of Boston, Southern California and Gothenburg/Stockholm. We aim to be…
…a CEO led network  
…a front edge driver of knowledge development
…a stream of leadership seminars  
…a lab to develop and share management practice
The partners set the agenda. We jointly drive knowledge and practice development projects forward. The center’s initiatives are designed to support the partners in their higher ambition journeys. We…
Connect - We link Higher Ambition leaders/companies to each other and to leading academics. We open our collective body of knowledge and practice to give our partners access to the resources and information they need, including new ideas from thought leaders.
Convene - We organize meetings of leaders and institutions around focused areas of shared concern or opportunity. We hold CEO Summits in Europe and the US. We convene other key people from its partners to develop and share knowledge and practice.
Collaborate - The CHL continuously drives or orchestrates entrepreneurial initiatives/ transformation projects together with the partner organizations. The initiatives are organized to support the partners in their continuous transformations.
The partners in CHLE aspire to develop practices that make them role models in their industries. Being a partner means that you engage with like-minded leaders, and support your organization on its higher ambition journey. If you aspire to develop your organization to become a vibrant place of ideas and practice that create financial success as well as a better world, we invite you to join us.

About CHL US and CHL Europe

The CHL Europe is placed at Chalmers University. CHL US is organized as a non-profit. Our summits have gathered hundreds of CEOs and thought leaders since 2012 (US) and 2015 (Europe), incl. former vice US president Al Gore, Ericsson/AstraZeneca chairman Leif Johansson, Becton Dickinson CEOs Ed Ludwig/Vincent Forlenza and Campbell Soups’ CEO Doug Conant. Our research community includes senior professors at Harvard, ETH Zürich, MIT, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers, Mines ParisTech and more. The CHL was founded based on ideas in the book “Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value” (Beer, Eisenstat, Foote, Fredberg & Norrgren, 2011).

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