Chalmers AI Ethics

There are several ethical concerns related to AI research. Whether it is bias in AI systems, transparency, accountability, privacy, consequences for the labour market or malicious use of AI for manipulation of materials and people, these issues need to be discussed.

It is not only about avoiding unethical actions or harmful consequences, but even more about developing and using AI to bring about good consequences, such as equity, accessibility for the disabled, humanitarian action, environmental protection, human flourishing and a sustainable society.

Our AI Ethics Committee helps ensure that an ethics perspective permeates all research and activities at the Centre. The Centre will also enable the development of new knowledge by supporting research projects with a focus on AI ethics and establish collaborations with external partners.

Seminar series on AI Ethics

We have started a new series of seminars highlighting ethical perspectives of AI. The series will feature invited speakers and Chalmers researchers with the aim of cultivating an informed discussion on ethical issues.

See all previous and upcoming AI Ethics seminars

The Ethical Policy for CHAIR

The Ethical Policy for Chalmers AI Research Centre was prepared by the AI Ethics Committee and approved by the centre's Steering Group on May 9, 2019.

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