Become a Faculty member of Chalmers AI Research Centre

Leaving the pandemic measures mostly behind, we’re now stepping up the effort to establish an engaged and visible AI community as a pillar of the Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR)
A first step on this path is initiating the CHAIR Faculty, which will consist of researchers with an interest in AI. If this label applies to you, we encourage you to sign up as a CHAIR Faculty member and join in shaping a research community centered around AI.
To foster an excellent AI research environment, CHAIR is developing a program for addressing key challenges within and across the three research tracks AI Foundations, AI for Science and AI applications (read more about these tracks here).  Each track will continually host one or more year-long AI research themes led by Chalmers researchers, creating leverage through increased collaboration and focused activities, as well as incorporating professional support for developing grant applications.
Moreover, to stimulate a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration, CHAIR will provide a physical meeting place where all engaged in AI at Chalmers can meet, develop new ideas, identify common challenges, and nurture new opportunities.
To join us in the forthcoming journey, please register here.

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Jun 2022.