Kick start for Chalmers’ AI initiative

​Chalmers is starting up an extensive initiative in the field of artificial intelligence to enhance and coordinate the current AI research. A kick-off event will be held on 4 March for the new Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR), with a two-day seminar on AI.
​“The aim of the centre is to enhance Chalmers’s AI expertise in research, education and innovation,” says Stefan Bengtsson, CEO and President at Chalmers. “We already have a hundred researchers working with AI in various ways, but now we’re focusing our efforts to a new level, by recruiting prominent researchers and building up close collaboration with industry.”

The Chalmers initiative will cost about SEK 370 million over ten years. It is the biggest investment in AI research from a single university in Sweden. The majority of the centre’s funding, SEK 317 million, comes from the Chalmers University Foundation. The plan is that investments from the centre’s partners in industry and the community will double the total funding. The goal is a world-class AI centre of expertise.

“We’re building up unique expertise in AI in combination with Chalmers’s existing excellence in application fields like transportation, automation, systems and software,” says Ivica Crnkovic, director of the centre.

One key aspect of the centre will be collaboration with industry and the public sector. Chalmers is making ties to key strategic partners who will have influence over the centre’s development, participate in research projects and utilise research results and the centre’s broad network of expertise. Chalmers is also one of the co-founders of the national AI Innovation of Sweden initative.

Chalmers AI Research Centre will be enhancing its partnerships with Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous System and Software Program (WASP) and especially with WASP-AI. WASP is Sweden’s single biggest research programme through the ages, and WASP-AI is the biggest investment in AI research in the country.

“CHAIR is an impressive initiative,” says Sara Mazur, vice-chair of WASP and a member of the centre’s advisory board, “and it’s a very positive step that Chalmers is assembling expertise in the field. This will improve the university’s collaboration with WASP.”

In connection with Chalmers’s annual initiative seminar in ICT on 4–5 March at the Lindholmen Conference Centre, there will be a kick-off event for the centre. The programme features prominent speakers from academia and industry.  Participants will include the centre’s advisory board, including Sara Mazur, vice-chair of WASP; Anna Nilsson-Ehle, chair of Vinnova; Mark Girolami, programme director at the Alan Turing Institute; Staffan Truvé, co-founder of Recorded Future; and Daniel Langkilde, co-founder of Annotell.

You can watch the initiative seminar on live stream (starting at 09.00 CET, Monday 4 March).

Page manager Published: Wed 27 Feb 2019.