Call CHAIR Theme Semesters

​CHAIR Theme Semesters is a programme designed to bring together Chalmers researchers from different disciplines under a common theme to jointly advance fundamental problems in AI/machine learning: led by a visiting researcher leader or a group of visiting researchers of the field for a duration of 1 to 3 months.
We are looking for applications by an interdisciplinary consortium of three to five researchers at Chalmers (and common GU departments) with common focal interest in AI/machine learning to work for for the duration together on a jointly agreed research programme. A dedicated physical working space is available in collaboration with AI Innovation of Sweden. The researchers would be expected to interact together intensively on a daily basis.

The consortium nominates and invites an internationally recognized research leader in AI/machine learning or a group of internationally recognized rising stars to be funded and hosted at Chalmers and to scientifically lead the theme semester together with the local consortium of Chalmers researchers. The international researcher(s) would spend this period hosted by Chalmers. During the theme semester, 10-15 external researchers will be hosted at Chalmers to participate in seminars, workshops and open events (we encourage people to stay for at least one week). The thematic programs are envisioned to attract a broad range of scientists, from different fields, with AI as a focal point and to be arranged such that there are close interactions between the involved scientists. We expect that the local consortium will continue the initiated collaboration after the theme semester and build long term research efforts.

It is also expected that outreach activities such as a day of talks aimed at the general public are arranged during the period that the theme semester runs. CHAIR's Ethical Policy ( shall be regarded during the semester

Each project will be supported by a budget of up to 600 k SEK. It will be left up to the team of coordinating researchers at Chalmers to spend the budget as they see fit. The budget may be used for supporting travel, local accommodation of visitors and also to pay a salary component or honorarium to the international theme leader(s). However, no more than 10% of the budget can be used for salary for the local researchers at Chalmers.  There may be a light check on how the budget is proposed to be used and minor adjustments may be suggested by the CHAIR management.

Call for Proposals and Nomination of a Distinguished Research Leader
We invite proposals from a consortium of researchers at Chalmers and GU for AI Theme Semesters.  This proposal should include a nomination of an internationally distinguished research leader in AI/machine learning or a group of rising stars.  We are looking for nominees with an outstanding scientific track record. There is no particular age bracket to be considered. 

The nomination should contain:
  • A cover letter (of at most 3 pages)  outlining the research programme for theme semester 
  • A two-page CV of the international researcher(s)  together with list of publications (and preferably a researcher ID such as ORCID).
  • Propose, and shortly justify, a budget total up to 600 k SEK (maximum 1/2 of a page). 
  • A letter of intent from the nominee(s)  stating the time period they will be present in Gothenburg. (Note: only one letter of intent from the main visiting researcher (rather than all participants) is required)
  • Ethical aspects of the programme, in keeping with CHAIR's Ethical Policy, should also be addressed in the application. 
The proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Management Group of CHAIR. 

There is the possibility to get CHAIR core partners ( involved in the project, giving the visiting researcher and the group a chance to work on problems together with partners, and also benefit from data, while the partners benefit from the research, and can contribute to the project.  

Complementary funding and activities could also be arranged together with GENIE if the theme is led by female researcher(s).

Mandatory Requirements: 
  • AI should be the focal point of the proposal.
  • The consortium submitting the proposal should consist of at least three PIs from Chalmers from at least three different local departments. We also encourage additional external PIs from e.g. GU, industry partners or the  CHAIR consortium.

aluation criteria: 
  • AI as the focal point of the proposal.
  • Novelty and originality.
  • Scientific quality of the proposed research.
  • Merits of the nominees.
  • Feasibility - prior experience of coordinating larger projects or networks is thus an advantage.
  • Cross-disciplinary nature of the project. 
  • Added value for the extended research community at Chalmers.
  • Ability to continue with the cooperation after the project completion.

Important dates and submission:
  • Submission due : 15 November, 2021
  • Notification: December 20, 2021
  • Project start: 2022
  • Project end: December 31, 2022

 Informal enquiries can be sent to Rebecka Jörnsten (​). 

The proposals should be submitted as one PDF file consisting of the above-mentioned parts.  The proposal should be submitted via this channel Submit your PDF proposal to Easychair​.

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