AI Talks

Chalmers AI Talks are inspiring seminars from internationally acclaimed experts on artificial intelligence.

Come listen to world-renowned leaders in computer science, machine learning and statistics  discuss on a wide range of perspectives on how AI will affect research, business and society.

The seminars are open to all and are free of charge. Registration is required.

This series is arranged by the Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR).

Chalmers AI Talks seminars 2020

Thomas Schön

AI for research and some new results on deep regression

Thomas B. Schön is Professor of the Chair of Automatic Control in the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, and has recently been appointed Beijer Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the same university.

Date: 18 th June 2020, at 13.00

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Barbara Plank

Barbara Plank is Associate Professor of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the Computer Science Department at IT University of Copenhagen, where she leads a research lab in natural language processing.


Date: 1 st October 2020, at 13.00

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Arthur Gretton

Learning to generate realistic-looking images

Critics for generative adversarial networks: results and conjectures

Arthur Gretton is Professor with the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, and director of the Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning at UCL.

Date: 15 th October, at 13.00

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Mihaela van der Schaar

Mihaela van der Schaar is John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine at the University of Cambridge and a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute in London. ​

Date: Postponed

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Bill Dally

Title TBA

Bill Dally is Professor (Research) of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering at the Department of Computer Science at the Stanford University and Chief Scientist at Nvidia.

Postponed until fall 2020

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Tony Jebara

Tony Jebara is Vice President of Machine Learning at Spotify.


Postponed until fall 2020

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Published: Mon 15 Jun 2020.