Cell F - Single-Cylinder Light Duty Diesel Engine cell

​Test cell F is equipped with a Ricardo Hyrda single-cylinder Diesel engine based on Volvo’s light duty passenger car Diesel engine (NED5). A standard cylinder head modified for experimental studies is mounted on the motor, which has a displacement of 480 cc and a compression ratio of 16:1. 

The engine is equipped with a common rail system and studies have been carried out using multi-hole piezo- and hydraulically-amplified injectors. Various injection strategies (up to 5 injections per cycle) have also been studied. Valve timing and lift are controlled hydraulically, allowing them to be varied continuously and independently. 

The cell also allows intake supercharging and blending with exhaust gases (EGR), with the capacity to control intake conditions (e.g. temperature). Various combustion concepts can be studied using various types of Diesel-like fuels.

A side view of the single cylinder engine with a modified engine head.

A perspective image of the Ricardo Hydra engine - equipped with conditioned air and exhaust systems

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015.