Test Rigs for Fuel Injectors

​Cell G has an impingement meter in which the fuel jet impinges on a pressure sensor calibrated for force. Since the pressure sensor is very fast it is possible to get the fuel flow resolved in time. Simultaneous with the impingement measurement, the spray behavior can also be studied using high speed imaging. The fuel is normally injected into ambient conditions, although such measurements have also been carried out in the high pressure chamber. 

Cell G also has three mass injection rate meters for injectors used in: heavy duty Diesel engines, light duty Diesel engines, and gasoline direct injection. These injection rate meters enable high resolution, time-resolved measurements of the mass flow rates from fuel injectors. The results allow one to assess injection rate profiles, influence of fuel and back pressure, choking conditions, opening and closing delays, accuracy of small-quantity injections, statistics on a shot-to-shot basis, multiple injections and so forth. This data is used to further understand chamber and engine studies, and it is invaluable as an input condition for numerical models.

Image of the injection rate meter used at Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015.