Project Portfolio

CBI successively develops and articulates a new research agenda and frame for our research. In a general sense, our research deals with companies’ ability to innovate, both in terms of developing new technology and hence new products and the ability to think innovatively about the entire business offering, i.e. business-model innovation.
Two main research areas that describe our research are emerging; the first one revolves around firms’ capability to innovate, mainly in large firms and the second around business modelling and systematic business model development, mainly in small firms, including the notion of entrepreneurial learning.
Ongoing projects 

 ​Born Global

CBI runs, together with Almi, an extensive national business development program for promising Swedish firms and entrepreneurs. The development program includes comprehensive professional and financial business development support, aiming to increase the growth rate of the participating firms.
Team: Sören Sjölander (project leader), Henrik Berglund, Joakim Björkdahl and Martin Wallin

Business model changes

This project analyzes how firms manage their business model innovation processes. Business model innovation has become important to firms because it often has a stronger impact on profit margins than product and service innovations. The project touches upon the causes and effect of some specific business model innovation phenomena.

Team: Joakim Björkdahl (project leader) and Sara Fallahi

Business Prototyping

Business prototyping is a workshop series that seek to provide Chalmers researcher with hands-on guidance on how to develop startup-projects based on new technologies and research results. The workshops are very practically oriented, with focus on frameworks and tools for developing the researchers' projects. These workshops are for all PhD students, professors and other faculty with an interest in exploring the commercial potential of their technologies and research results.
Team: Henrik Berglund (project leader), Marouane Bousfiha, Sören Sjölander




Innovation is difficult, especially for large, established companies, which often are – very logical - organised according to an entirely different rationale than the one needed for innovation. Therefore, how innovation efforts can be organised and pursued constitutes a major challenge for many companies. This also is focus for this project. The project is in collaboration with four large companies, and the researchers hope to contribute to bringing about changes. The project also will result in a book directed towards practitioners that will provide other companies with good examples of how they can build up their capabilities for innovation.
Team: Sofia Börjesson (project leader) and Maria Elmquist
Towards circular business models in the manufacturing industry
A circular economy has been suggested as the way to achieve a more eco-sustainable society. This project tries to find answers to how a firm that operates in the traditional take-make-waste business model logic can move towards a circular economy in a way that also improves profitability and competitiveness using an action-research based approach working with an SME.
Team: Mats Williander (project leader), Marcus Linder,Thomas Nyström (all three from Viktoria) and Sofia Börjesson (CBI)

Using design practices for developing capabilities for innovation

Recently, researchers are acknowledging design as a potential avenue for improving innovativeness in firms. One approach held forward is Design Thinking (DT). The ambition of the research project is to contribute to a better understanding of DT, how it can be applied in large firms and the value it may create in these organizations.

Team: Maria Elmquist (project leader), Lisa Carlgren and Ingo Rauth​​

PhD Study Sara Fallahi - Business model changes

​The research is mainly about business model innovation in established firms, with a particular focus on barriers and drivers for the implementation of new business models in such firms. The studies are also focusing on organizational inertia towards innovation and the role of customers in innovation management.

Researcher: Sara Fallahi

PhD Study Ingo Rauth - Design Thinking Adoption in Large Organizations

The research is on the use of Design Thinking (DT) in large organizations and how it affects their ways of innovating. DT is considered a concept that enables human-centered innovation inspired by the way designers’ and the focus is on understanding in which ways organizations translate, spread and use design thinking.

Researcher: Ingo Rauth

PhD Study Yashar Mansoori - Entrepreneurship as a Method

The research interest centers around the interplay between entrepreneurial methods and entrepreneurial processes, how they guide and inform each other, why entrepreneurs deviate from following the methods and how entrepreneurial methods stimulate entrepreneurs’ learning process.

Researcher: Yashar Mansoori

PhD Study Anne Elerud-Tryde - Exploring Idea Management Systems for Innovation

The focus is on understanding how large organizations can support the generation and implementation of innovative ideas, and become more innovative. The research draws on both front end of innovation and innovation capabilities research.

Researcher: Anne Elerud-Tryde

Published: Fri 14 Jun 2013. Modified: Tue 16 Jun 2015