Other CBI activities

The center also aims at providing a platform for knowledge-sharing, i.e. a platform where research actors meet to share and develop knowledge and new ideas.

Our two main means for being a platform for knowledge sharing are on one hand our collaborative research approach and on the other hand a set of diffusion and networking activities to make knowledge available for larger audience, a knowledge diffusion that otherwise would not have occurred. We also want to be an “enabler” for cooperation between industry and academia.


Putting knowledge to use

A specific initiative embedded in CBI is to strive to put already existing knowledge in use. By providing this knowledge in products and services we hope to increase exposure and access to already existing knowledge useful for innovation.

We accomplish being a platform for knowledge sharing through a number of deliberate activities for diffusing knowledge to the surrounding environment. It is our explicit aim to establish the conditions necessary to achieve a major impact on industry through a simultaneous focus on research, business development, network-building and teaching.



• Organizing seminars, workshops and research conferences to provide an arena for sharing and developing knowledge. We provide executive education services for companies in the form of workshops or seminars. We also offer a series of seminars and workshops on topics of interest to both practitioners and researchers.

• The yearly CBI Day. The CBI Day aims at reaching to an audience of practitioners that are yet not our project partners or that we have any other already established research relation to. The CBI Day provides insights from our research and research perspectives. Knowledge providers are both academics and practitioners.

• Providing access to already existing knowledge through the products and services we offer, which will increase CBI influence over results in collaborating companies. We accomplish this through our Audit tool and through business innovation projects (BIP) conducted with companies as packaged services with clear deliverables.

• Working with industry doctoral candidates to create actors able to bridge between academia and companies in order to strengthen these links.

Published: Thu 06 Dec 2012. Modified: Tue 25 Jun 2013