About CBI

Innovation research in Sweden and a limited number of other European countries is unique in building on case studies and collaboration with firms. Our aim is to contribute to knowledge development in the field of innovation and by means of our company-close research, develop unique knowledge. CBI’s senior researchers are all well-connected to industry and have long experience from working together with practitioners.

This combination – academic knowledge in the field of innovation management and experience from working with industrial partners – is rather unique and forms the basis for us to research as we do. Our core competence is thus found in the intersection of innovation management research and the collaborative or intervention-oriented research approach.

Vision and Mission

CBI wants to be an environment that brings together people in decision-making positions in companies with faculty members and students in order to foster integrated exchange, development and application of knowledge, but also to strengthen companies’ capabilities for innovation and business development.

Our ambitions can be summarized as follows:

• We want to contribute to innovation research, in particular, by clarifying and pursuing new knowledge in leadership, governance and renewal of the business innovation area, both in large and small firms.

• We aim to be an arena for developing and establishing new forms for cooperation between companies and academia, and a forum for research-related meetings and co-production of knowledge.

• We want to provide a research environment that is attractive for both young researchers and for researchers with industry experience, who are interested in conducting interactive, action-oriented research in which senior researchers work alongside doctoral candidates and industrial actors.

Focus and Objective

Our point of departure is the real problems encountered by firms: the relevance of our research is central. We take a management perspective to address questions of strategic significance. Typical themes are the ability to innovate, ways of organizing to promote innovation, how innovation can be measured, and contributing to development in companies. CBI’s research is within the broad subject area of ‘innovation management’, i.e. research on innovation and business model activities and how they are managed and organized. We work with both large and small firms with their respective innovation challenges.

The rationale for CBI is to be a research center involved in interactive research, while also promoting business development in companies.

This ambition involves two main tasks:
(1) Conducting research that results in actionable knowledge, i.e. knowledge that is directly useful to the companies and organizations that participate in CBI research projects

(2) Being a platform for knowledge sharing, i.e. an arena for knowledge-sharing where CBI systematically and consciously promotes the exchange of knowledge between us and our collaborating partners.


CBI is funded by Chalmers and VINNOVA.

Published: Thu 06 Dec 2012. Modified: Tue 25 Jun 2013