Conference Papers

Carlgren L., Elmquist M. and Rauth I. (2014) The challenges of evaluating DT efforts: Insights from three large companies, the Design Management Institute Conference, London, September 2-4, London, UK. 

Carlgren L., Elmquist M. and Rauth I. (2014) Design thinking in organizational settings: exploring the challenges, the European Academy of Management, June 5-7, Valencia, Spain.  

Mansoori, Y., Berglund, H., and Bousfiha, M. (2014). Entrepreneurship as method: a review and comparison of transformation and experimentation. Presented at the European Summer University conference on Entrepreneurship (ESU 2014), Lund, Sweden, August 18-23 2014. (Best Paper Award)

Laurell, C., and Sandström, C. (in press) Disruption and Social Media – Entrant Firms as Institutional Entrepreneurs, HUI Workshop 17-18 januari, 2014.

Larsson, J., Ramstedt, J. and Wickenberg, J. (2014) On the diffusion of rule breaking norms to organizational newcomers, 9th Colloquium on Organizational Change & Development, Sep 12-13, Essen, Germany

Wickenberg, J. (2014) Working but Threatening? On the Trade-Off Between Efficiency and Legitimacy in the Design of Knowledge Transfer Methods in Project Management. Presented at the International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC), Oslo, Norway, April 22-24 2014

Wickenberg, J. (2014) The BEEP – a Democracy Assurance, an Administrative Curse, and a Shortcut to Better Grades? Proceedings, Konferens om Undervisning och Lärande, KUL2014, Göteborg 15 jan 2014

Williander, M. New Business Models for Electric Cars, Second International Conference Electromobility: Challenging issues. Venue: Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE). Paris, France. 



Andrade, C. and Elmquist, M. (2013). From Collaboration to Innovation: challenges and opportunities in building Open Arenas, Nordisk Företagsforskning (NFF), Reykjavik, Iceland, August.

Berglund, H. and Sandström, C. A New Perspective on the Innovator’s Dilemma – Exploring the Role of Entrepreneurial Incentives, presented at the XXV ISPIM Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 8-11th of June 2013.

Carlgren, L., Elmquist, M. and Rauth, I. (2013) Perceptions of the value of Design Thinking in innovation in large firms, EAD Conference 2013,Göteborg, Sweden.

Elmquist, M.,  Fredberg, T. and Ollila, S. (2013) Leveraging on open innovation: A study of why organizations engage in open innovation collaboration, NFF conference in Iceland, August 2013.

Holmén, M. and Fallahi, S. (2013) Business model innovation and organizational inertia: views on costly signals, capabilities and users, 73rd Annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 9-13 August.

Wickenberg, J. (2013) Students´ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to study, Presented at the Chalmers KUL Conference 2013, Göteborg, Sweden.

Wickenberg, J. (2013) Trade-offs between efficiency and legitimacy when implementing a large change program at the middle management level, Presented at the 8th Colloquium on Organisational Change & Development, Gent, Belgium, September 12 and 13, 2013.



Börjesson, S., Elerud Tryde, A. and Elmquist, M. (2012) Tracking ideas to reveal innovation incapability European Academy of Management Conference, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 6-8.

Carlgren, L., Elmquist, M. and Rauth, I. (2012) Implementing Design Thinking in Large Organizations, Proceedings of the IPDM Conference 2012, Manchester, UK, June 18-20.

Elerud Tryde, A. , Börjesson, S. and Elmquist, M. (2012) Idea selection at Volvo Cars: Towards a framework for selecting radical ideas, International Product Development Management Conference, Manchester, UK, June 17-19.

Galarza, D. and Wickenberg, J. (2012) The Mechanistic and Political Frames of Talent Management Processes, Proceedings of EIASM's 1st Workshop on Talent Management, April 16-17, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

Holmén, M., Fallahi, S. and Sharmelly, R. (2012) How does concept development contribute to successful launch? Exploring the role and the sources of Hard-to-Imitate Signals. DRUID 2012, Copenhagen, CBS June 19 – 21.

Linder, M. (2012) Offer characteristics determining perceived usefulness of environmental communication, Proceedings of Sustainable Innovation 2012 in Bonn, Germany.

Linder, M., Björkdahl, J. and Ljungberg, D. (2012) Environmental Orientation and Economic Performance: How Profitable Are Small Green Firms, Proceedings of Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2012, Boston, MA, USA.

Sandström, C., Berglund, H. and Magnusson, M. (2012) Symmetric assumptions in the theory of disruptive innovation – Theoretical and Managerial implications. Presented at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston (2012)



Carlgren, L., Elmquist, M., Rauth, I. (2011) Implementing design thinking – an exploratory study of large companies using design thinking in innovation efforts, proceedings of  the 2011 Tsinghua-DMI International Design Management Symposium HK in Hong Kong , 2011
Elerud-Tryde, A., Soonvald, A., Elmquist, M. (2011) Introducing A Framework For Idea Selection: A Study Of An Innovation Jam Project At Volvo Cars. Presented at 12th International CINet Conference, September 2011, Arhus, Denmark.
Johansson, M., Sandström, C. (2011) Curing the incumbent’s curse – investing in discontinuous innovation, presented at the 12 CINet Conference in Århus, Denmark, 9-11 September.
Linder, M (2011) Green business opportunities. Proceedings of R&D Management conference in Norrköping 2011.
Olsson, K., Pedersén, C. and Wickenberg, J. (2011) Is it all about culture? A study on frustration with respect to the work situation in dispersed, global IT projects at a merged, multinational company. Proceedings of 9th EIASM Workshop on International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management, October 20-21, 2011 in Moscow, Russia.
Pihl, C., Sandström, C. (2011) Social media, value creation and appropriation – the business model of fashion bloggers in Sweden, presented at the 12th CINet Conference in Århus, Denmark, 9-11 September.
Sandström, C., Berglund, H., Magnusson M. (2011) Symmetry in the theory of disruptive innovation – theoretical and managerial implications, presented at the 12th CINet Conference in Århus, Denmark, 9-11 September.
Wickenberg, J., Stamlin, R., Persson, M., & Börjesson, S. (2011). Challenges for increasing component commonality in platforms. Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Management of Technology, EuroMOT2011, September 18-20, 2011, Tampere, Finland.



Björk, Jennie. (2010) Dual-connected individuals in Ideationt. Presented at 11th International CINet Conference, September 2010, Zürich, Switzerland.
Björk, J.  Di Vincenzo, Magnusson M. and Mascia D. (2010) The impact of social capital on ideation - untapping the knowledge creation potential of internal networks, presented at the DIME conference - Organizing for networked innovation.
Björkdahl, J., and Holmén, M. (2010). Making Innovation Audits Rigorous. to be presented at the 2010 Academy of Management Conference, August 6-10, Montreal, Canada. Peer-reviewed by three referees.
Björkdahl, J. and Linder, M. (2010). Formulating Problems for Commercializing New Technologies: The Case of Greening. Presented at DRUID summer conference 2010, Imperial college: London, June 16-18.
Sandström, C., Magnusson, M. (2010). Value, Actors and Networks - A revised perspective on disruptive innovation, presented at the DIME conference ‘Organizing for networked innovation’ in Milan, 14-16 April.
Yström, A. ; Ollila, S. ; Fredberg, T. And Elmquist M. (2010). Communities of Practice for Open Innovation - Enabling Organizational Creativity?. ICICKM - 7th International Conference on Intellectual Capital & Knowledge Management, 11-12 Nov, Hong Kong.



Berglund , H. (2009) Austrian Economics and the Study of Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Contributions. Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, USA, August.
Björk J. , Boccardelli P. and Magnusson M. (2009) Ideation Capabilities for Continuous Innovation, The 10th CINet conference, September 5-8, Brisbane, Australia.
Boccardelli, P., Lechner, C., Magnusson, M. and Oriani, R. (2009). Distinctiveness and flexibility of resources: a study of the motion picture industry, the Academy of Management Meeting, August 6-8, 2009, Chicago, USA.
Elmquist, M., Fredberg, T. and Ollila S. (2009) Exploring the management of collaborative arenas from a platform perspective, the IPDM Conference, Enschede, The Netherlands, June 7-9.
Elmquist M. and Fredberg T. (2009) Triangulating relations to explore openness of innovation, Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, August.
Elmquist M. and Segrestin B. (2009) The challenges of managing open innovation in highly innovative fields: exploring the use of the KCP method, European Academy of Management Conference, Liverpool, UK, May 11-14.
Hordern, T. and Elmquist, M. (2009) The Role of Design Firms in Innovation: How Design Firms Contribute to the Innovative Capabilities of Core Firms, European Academy of Management, Liverpool, England.
Hordern, T. and Linder, M. (2009) Observing Environmental Strategy: Environmental Consideration and the Strategic Management of the Firm, the 10th CINet Conference, September 5-8, Brisbane, Australia
Leone, M.I., Reichstein, T. Boccardelli, P. and Magnusson, M., (2009). Fuel on the Invention Funnel: Technology Licensing-in, antecedents and invention performance, the 14th DRUID Summer Conference, 2009, June 16-18, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Pasche, M. and Magnusson, M. (2009). Continuous innovation and improvement of product platforms, the 10th CINet conference, September 5-8, 2009, Brisbane, Australia.
Sandström, C. (2009) High-end Disruptive Technologies with an Inferior Performance, the 10th CINet conference, Brisbane, Australia. Runner up for the John Bessant Best paper award.



Aggeri. F, Elmquist M. and Pohl H. (2008) Managing learning strategies in the automotive industry – the race for hybridization, Gerpisa Conference, Turino, Italy, June 18-20.
Aggeri F. Elmquist, M. and Pohl H. (2008) Managing learning in the automotive industry– the race towards electric vehicles, Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe Conference, Bordeaux, France, Sept 11-13.
Aggeri. F, Elmquist M. and Pohl H. (2008) Managing innovation fields: another look at how eco-innovation capabilities are built in the automotive industry, Strategic Management Society, Köln, Germany, October 12-15.
Börjesson S. and Elmquist, M. (2008) Aiming at innovation in the Swedish defense industry – the difficulties of responding to disruptive market change in a technology driven context, Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference, Köpenhamn, Denmark, April 28-30, 2008.
Berglund, H. (2008). Between Cognition and Discourse: Phenomenology and the Study of Entrepreneurship. SCANCOR 20th Anniversary Conference, Stanford University.
Berglund H. and Wennberg, K. (2008). Creativity and Entrepreneurship Education. SCANCOR 20th Anniversary Conference, Stanford University.
Björk J. and Magnusson M. (2008) Ideation performance in Projects and Informal groups, The 1st ISPIM Innovation Symposium.
Björk J. and Magnusson M. (2008) Where Do Good Innovation Ideas Come From? Exploring the Influence of Network Connectivity on Innovation Idea Quality, International Product Development Management Conference, Hamburg, Germany, June 29-July 1.
Björk and Magnusson(2008) Heterogeneity and Performance in Innovation Idea Networks, Presented at CINet.
Björkdahl, J, Holmén, M and Saemundsson, R. (2008). Boundary changes and the co-evolution of knowledge and opportunities in existing supplier-buyer relationships. DRUID conference, May 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark. Peer-reviewed by two referees.
Boccardelli, P., Lechner, C., and Magnusson, M. (2008). Distinctiveness and flexibility of resources: a study of the motion picture industry, Strategic Management Society conference, October 12-15, 2008, Cologne, Germany.
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Hordern T. and Elmquist M. (2008) Design in innovation: how external design firms contribute to the development of the innovative capabilities of large firms, International Society for Professional Innovation Management Symposium, Singapore, December 14-17, 2008.
Leone, M.I., Boccardelli, P., Magnusson, M., and Reichstein, T. (2008). License to learn: the role of technology license agreements in meeting innovation goals, paper presented at the 24th EGOS Colloquium, July 10-12, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Pohl H. and Elmquist M.(2008) On the way to electric cars - a case study of a hybrid electric vehicle project at Volvo Cars, R&D Management Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June 17-20.
Sandström, C. (2008) New Channel Disruptive Innovation, the ISPIM Conference, Singapore 14-17 December .
Sandström, C. and Osborne, R. (2008) Changing the business model to overcome innovation adoption barriers - the case of new value distribution in the customer's organization, in proceedings of the 9th CINet conference, September 8-9, 2008, Valencia, Spain.



Adler N, Elmquist M., Frössevi B., Fredberg T. & Norrgren F, (2007) Loud killers and already-invented-here: managing change in professional organizations, Academy of Management, Philadelphia, August 4-8, 2007.
Berglund, H. (2007). Opportunities as Existing and Created: A Study of Entrepreneurs in Sweden’s Mobile Internet Industry. Academy of Management Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, August.
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Börjesson, S (2007) ‘Overcoming innovation obstacles in large firms: A case study of a path-breaking initiative in an automotive firm’, presented at the Continuous Innovation Network Conference (CINet), Gothenburg 7-11 September.
Sandström, C., Magnusson, M., Jörnmark, J. (2007) Surviving disruptive innovation: does incumbent size and strategy matter? Presented at the CINet conference in Gothenburg, 7-11 September.

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