CAM2 Annual Seminar 2022 – 5-year journey

Date: October 24/25, 2022
Place: Lindholmen conference centre, Göteborg, Sweden

Centre for Additive Manufacture – Metal (CAM2) was initiated by the initiative of the key industrial partners and Chalmers University of Technology and officially started on September 1, 2017. Five research organizations and 27 industrial partners, including 10 SMEs, have been active in CAM2 from the start. The mission of the CAM2 is to further revolutionize the powder-based metal AM technology by bringing the advantages from powder technology – an area where Sweden is particularly strong. Thus, CAM2 has proven its unique position and competence to address key research questions when it comes to development of metal powder feedstock in synergy with AM processes, AM process sustainability and robustness, paving the way to take the lead in both, metal powder feedstock manufacturing and metal AM manufacturing of high-quality components for number of end-user applications in various sectors. In this context, CAM2 has proven an unprecedented capacity in developing new powder materials for AM where 14 materials were developed up to TRL-level 5. This is thanks to the industry-academia co-operation based on development of generic knowledge platform for powder feedstock development.
With the total number of 25 PhD students involved in CAM2, including 6 industrial PhD students, CAM2 delivered strong scientific output with >100 peer review journal papers and conference proceeding and more than 100 conference presentations. High critical mass created under the umbrella of CAM2, strong national and international network, attractiveness and international competitiveness of the research environment allowed to attract more than 20 additional spin-off projects with the total budget of around 300 MSEK.

Hence, you are welcome to join CAM2 Annual Seminar 2022 to get insight into achievements of the CAM2 during the last 5 years, discuss our future plans, meet and network with our research and industrial partners as well as representatives from international network!

Page manager Published: Fri 21 Oct 2022.