Suspension triangles by Formula Student 2021

​CASE I - ALL-Light project with Chalmers & RISE (2021)


Researchers: Bharat Mehta (Chalmers), Sebastian Proper (RISE)
Student: Adil Lokat (CFS’2021)
Industry partner: RISE
Parts: Suspension triangles
Material: AlSi10Mg
Additive process used: Printing done at RISE in SLM 125 machine
Benefits: 15% weight reduction (4,6 kgs instead of 5,44 kgs)

  • Suspension triangles are printed by LB-PBF. They are the set of components apply to the suspension sub-assembly of the car.

  • The suspension is a critical area as it has very high loading with cyclic loads in all directions imaginable! Thus, the possibility to design these components using advanced generative design softwares such as Inventor etc. shows that AM has a lot of potential.

  • Weight savings as high as 70% has been shown on large components, while retaining the same performance in terms of loads with an added factor of safety. All these components are built in AlSi10Mg which is a famous commercial Aluminium alloy. It was chosen as they are easier to print, readily available and thus simulation work on these parts could be done with greater confidence.

  • All parts were printed using LB-PBF as the technology for printing.

Suspension assembly of Madeline and suspension triangles printed parts

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