Radiator brackets by Formula Student 2020

​CASE III - Chalmers Formula Student and EOS, Finland (2020)

Researchers: Bharat Mehta (Chalmers), Eero Virtanen (EOS, Finland)
Students: Olle Andersson, Ludvig Brodén, Filip Jonsson (CFS’2020)
Industry partner: EOS, Finland
Parts: Radiator brackets
Material: AlSi10Mg or ONYX (carbon fibre)
Additive process used: Parts printed on EOS M290 & Markforged M1
Benefits: Radiator brackets weighed the same In ONYX design as previous design. However, with AlSi10Mg, It was shown that a 40% weight reduction was achieved.

Radio brackets

Radiator brackets (L to R): Old sheet metal design, AlSi10Mg printed design, ONYX Carbon Fibre design adapted to the load cases

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