Injector Yoke for the Automotive Industry

​To date, the commercial availability of steels for L-PBF remains limited. To improve upon this, research at CAM2 has focused on the development of low-alloy steels for L-PBF to help expand the application of the technology to new markets such as the automotive industry.

This research has found that by tailoring the processing conditions low-alloy steels can be produced high-density (>99.8%) and defect-free by L-PBF. Additionally, mechanical testing of these alloys found that L-PBF low-alloy steels can achieve a high strength, hardness, toughness, and elongation even in the as-produced state.

To demonstrate this capacity, an injector yoke was produced with 4140 steel using CAM2 developed parameters. This injector yoke holds in place the diesel injector in heavy duty diesel engines. It is often pre-loaded with a high load to avoid leakage and is subject to a high static load from clamping screws and the injector.


Researchers: William Hearn, Chalmers
Industry partners: Volvo AB & Sandvik
Material: 4140 Steel (Sandvik)
Additive process used: Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Part size: 5,4 x 2,6 x 2,3 (cm)

Page manager Published: Fri 04 Mar 2022.