The CA​M2 centre is co-ordinated by Director Prof. Eduard Hryha and Co-director Prof. Lars Nyborg

Strategies and plans are led by the centre’s board which is formed mostly by representatives from industry.

CAM2 Board of Directors

Board members rep​resentatives

AB Volvo Group Trucks Operations - Sofia Petersson (Alexander Drott, sub)
Alfa Laval Lund AB  - Anna Wenemark (Oskar Bruce, sub)
Arcam AB  - Joakim Ålgårdh (Anders Snis, sub) 
Brogrens Industries AB - Fredrik Olofsson (Peter Albertsson, sub)
Chalmers  - Lars Nyborg (Uta Klement, sub)
EOS Finland - Olli Nyrhilä (Juha Kotila, sub)
GKN Aerospace Sweden AB - Céline Souillet Sundberg (Mats Delin, sub)
Höganäs AB - Denis Oshchepkov (Sven Bengtsson, sub)
Linde Gmbh - Pierre Forêt (Bo Williamsson, sub)
SAAB AB  - Linnea Selegård (Marcus Claseryd, sub)
Scania AB  - Åsa Gustafson (Jan Linder, sub)
Sandvik AB  - Annika Roos (Pasi Kangas, sub)
Siemens Energy AB - Nicklas Johansson (Jan-Erik Lundgren, sub)
Volvo Car Corporation - Git Ström (Torbjörn Larsson, sub)

Chairman of the board

Anna Wenemark - Alfa Laval Lund AB

Technical Board

The technical board consists of research area leaders (RA) and acts as support to the board of directors.

International Advisory Board

The centre also has established an international scientific advisory board for counseling concerning issues like research topics and centre development. The board consists of well-known researchers.

San Diego State University - Prof. Eugene Olevsky

The University of Sheffield - Prof. Iain Todd

University of Erlangen-Nuernberg - Prof. Carolin Koerner

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