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About us

​​​Machining is one way to manufacture metal parts. It is a process where bits of the raw material are removed by e.g. cutting or grinding to form the shape of a finished product. This is subtractive manufacturing, as opposed to additive manufacturing.

The Chalmers Centre for Metal Cutting Research, MCR, is a industry-academia partnership focusing on using new materials, processes, cutting tools and machines to produce advanced metal components.

The research advances manufacturing primarily through fundamental research, in close partnership with industry. We focus on modelling, optimisation and innovation of manufacturing processes.

The core team of the centre comprises of:
Peter Krajnik, Professor, Research Group Leader
Amir Malakizadi, PhD, post-doc
Hans-Börje Oskarson​, MCR Senior Advisor
Sampsa Laakso, Coordinator of Education Activities

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Published: Wed 29 Jan 2020.