Master's projects

There are a wide range of multidisipllinary MSc projects available through the Competence Centre of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. These projects range from kinetic modeling, reaction development, novel catalyst development, and applications of novel catalytic solutions to industrial problems. During your studies, a wide range of world class research facilities will be at your disposal to ensure you achieve the optimum research training for your furture career. 

Our research areas range from the catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in oxygen excess, low temperature catalytic reactions, and catalytic techniques for sustainable energy systems. A critical focus is presently on the sequestration of  harmful emissions from both automotive vehicles and industrial sources. KCK is active in all areas of research in catalysis such as catalytic reaction devleopment, catalyst synthesis and development, applications of in situ characterisation methods and kinetic modelling .

The research at KCK is performed at the unique interface between academia and industry. The work is interdisciplinary, knowledge from physics, chemistry and industrial applications all contribute to our projects. We design our master projects in such a way, that they will give a student an interesting insight into catalytic research performed at academic and industrial laboratories, as well as providing the necessary skills and training for a student to be asset in any research environment.

We offer master's projects in both experimental catalysis and computational catalysis. If you're interested in modelling catalytic materials from a theoretical perspective, contact Henrik Grönbeck or Anders Hellman.

Contact one of our seniors if you're interested

Louise Olsson

Magnus Skoglundh

Hanna Härelind

Anders Hellman

Henrik Grönbeck

Per-Anders Carlsson

Derek Creaser

Or find the person you want to speak to on our active researchers page.

Examples of previous masters projects:

Sulfur poisoning and regeneration of CuZ for SCR - effect of SO2 /SO3 ratio.pdf

Microemusion-tailoring of metal nanoparticles for catalysis.pdf

Ammonia SCR MsC 2016.pdf

Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of oils in the production of renewable fuels MsC 2016.pdf

Deactivation studies of NH3-SCR catalyst MsC 2016.pdf

Magnetic materials for selective oxidation and applications in green chemistry MSc proposal 2016.pdf

Mixed metal clusters for automotive applications MSC proposal 2016.pdf

Novel materials for automotive catalysis MsC proposal 2016.pdf

SAPO34 deactivation MsC 2016.pdf

SCA in Biorefining MsC 2016.pdf

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