Michael Björklund

Ergodic theory – little known, but with many applications

Michael BjörklundAssistant professor Michael Björklund’s research lies within ergodic theory. It is a large and growing research area, but in Sweden he is almost alone about it. Therefore his work also includes building up a research group.
Ergodic theory arose within statistical mechanics when you wanted to describe how gases behave in equilibrium. It took off when Henri Poincaré in the year of 1887 had won a scientific competition initiated by the king Oscar II of Sweden, with an important idea towards the solution of the three-body problem. Today, it is a mathematical area which is used for studying problems within, among other areas, number theory, combinatorics, geometry and operator algebra. The theory thus comes from physics, but is applied in mathematics.

Published: Fri 05 Feb 2016.