​Traces of forming planets in the disk around young star HL Tauri - image from ALMA.

Programme: Origins of Habitable Planets

​Understanding how planetary systems are assembled, their diversity and how unique (or common) the Solar System is, are key scientific question of modern astrophysics. To assemble all the pieces of the puzzle on the origins of habitable planets it is necessary to combine astrophysical observations with modeling and in situ studies of our own Solar System. An effort that requires bringing together different scientific communities and developing new instruments and tools.

This programme on the Origin of Habitable Planets aims at bringing together experts in astrophysical observations and modeling, instrumentation and laboratory studies. The program will run from May 2nd through June 10th, 2016, and will include focused workshops, collaborative group discussion and work sessions and invited seminars from world leading experts.

The programme is led and organized by Leonardo Testi (European Southern Observatory). 


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