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Advanced Prediction of Earth and Climate through Big Science, Big Data and Big Computing

The programme

From August 23 to October 5, 2018, researchers in the fields of earth and climate sciences, mathematics and statistics, computer science and engineering gather in Gothenburg with one common goal: To advance our monitoring and prediction of Earth and climate systems through big data from advanced observing networks, cutting-edge higher-resolution numerical models with more accurate numerics and physics, comprehensive algorithms and methodologies that that can more effectively ingest existing and future observations into state-of-science models, along with high-performance computing facilities.

This unique research program is led by Dr. Fuqing Zhang, Professor of Meteorology and Professor of Statistics, and Director of the Centre for Advanced Data Assimilation and Predictability Techniques, at the Pennsylvania State University of the United States. The program includes a series of public lectures presented by distinguished scholars all across the world, and scientific workshops and group discussions focusing on how to understand, monitor and predict various Earth and climate systems through big science, big data and big computing at Chalmers and Gothenburg University.

Public lecture series I

Professor Fuqing Zhang: Data-Model Integration & Uncertainty Quantification for Earth & Climate Systems, September 13

Public lecture series II

Professor Soroosh Sorooshian, University of California Irvine: Climate Variability and The Global Hydrologic Cycle: Monitoring, Modeling, and Change Prediction, September 17

Public lecture series III

Professor Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Climate Change and Climate Risk, September 20

Public lecture series A1-A4

Dr. Jean Jouzel: Water isotopes from pole to pole: what do we learn from paleodata?
Dr. Lonnie Thompson: Glacier Archives from the Tropics to the Poles as Recorders and Indicators of Climate Change
Dr. Örjan Gustafsson: Thawing permafrost and light-absorbing aerosols: two grand challenges for climate research in the Arctic and the Third Pole
Dr. Katarina Gårdfeldt: A short overview of the Swedish polar research, September 24

8th Third Pole Environment (TPE) Workshop

Regional environmental changes: from pole to pole, September 24-26

Public lecture series IV

Dr Ruby Leung, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Global Warming and Extreme Events, October 1

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