DNP-NMR of thermoplastic cellulose materials

​PI: Lars Evenäs (Chalmers), Staffan Schantz (AstraZenecea) & Leif Karlson (Nouryon)          
PhD Student/Postdoc: Hampus Karlsson (Postdoc)   
Duration: April 2021 - Nov 2022


Modified cellulose materials where different functional groups are added to the cellulose backbone can typically show a wide range of properties depending on the chemical characteristics of side chain addition. Heterogeneity of distribution of the attached groups, both within the repeating units and along the polymer chain can lead to failure of important industrial applications, for instance within pharmaceutical and chemical industry. These chemical properties can be very challenging to characterize but in this project, we apply Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) solid state NMR spectroscopy to investigate these questions. The project thus aims to develop and apply DNP NMR methods that can be used for detailed characterization of side chain location on the repeating units and distribution both along the polymer chain and within the cellulose particles themselves as well as domain size characteristics. Such methods can then be deployed for characterizing and compare modified cellulose materials that for instance originate from different production batches or suppliers.       

Scientific: Establishment of DNP-NMR methods for studying of substituent distribution and domain sizes and their relations to thermoplastic properties of cellulose materials.
Technical: To increase the control of the substituent distribution and domain sizes for cellulose derivatives and thus improved quality of products.

Description of how this project addresses the hypotheses in FibRe                                                                        

The establishment of new DNP-NMR methods in this project will provide the lignocellulose research community with more methods to analyse molecular modifications in this type of materials. The developed methods will also be helpful tools for advanced characterisation of spatially resolved structural and domain size information in modified lignocellulose materials.  



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