​Review of the pore structure of the fibre wall and means of changing this structure

PI: Lars Wågberg, KTH 
PhD student/PostDoc: No extra person in this first phase
Duration: Three months full time starting September 2022
Reference Group: The initial phase is a literature review and possible groups will be formed Ad hoc.

The access of reactant chemicals to the pore walls of wood-based fibres and annual crops is essential in order to be able to modify the properties of these fibres. For wood-based fibres it is fairly well documented how the structure is changing with the removal of lignin but a detailed information about how to reach the interior with different additives is still lacking. For annual crops the situation is not as well-documented and the influence of chemical modifications is very unclear. An alternative to a mild opening of the fibre wall is a more rough mechanical treatment before chemical modification which is interesting since the strengthening component in composites is no doubt the cellulose fibrils. 

A comprehensive literature review on the structure of and the availability of the interior of fibre walls and how this can be modified with different treatments. 

Describe how this project addresses the hypotheses in FibRe                                                                                  
This project covers both basic hypothesis of the FibRe project.

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