Scientific Development Group

The Scientific Development Group shall support the Management Group by: 
(i) setting environmental and techno-economic boundary conditions for the centres available at Project Place
(ii) monitoring that research is carried out in accordance with the boundary conditions
(iii) identifying new research issues to further improve the development of modified lignocellulose on a circular, scalable and sustainable way to further contribute to the UN's Development Goal 12.

The Scientific Development Group shall formulate, and continuously review, the environmental and techno-economical boundary conditions that FibRe's research should align with and identify possible competence gaps/needs for external collaboration. Scalability and recyclability are also of significant relevance for Scientific Development Group.

The academic representatives have a special responsibility to monitor the scientific developments. Industrial representatives are responsible for monitoring updated and new legislations and directives to ensure that FibRe projects are highly relevant for contributing to the scientific society.

The Scientific Development Group is responsible for assessing new project proposals and make a judgment whether they align with the FibRe hypotheses and scientific framework. All project proposals will be evaluated with respect to contribution to FibRe, if they can verify/reject the hypotheses, their scientific excellence, partner engagement, and industrial relevance. All project proposals must span at least two RCAs and involve both KTH and Chalmers.

Composition of the Scientific Development Group

The Scientific Development Group shall be composed of 
One representative per core partner
Three PIs
Chairperson of the Board
Director and v director of FibRe

Adjunct members can be proposed to the SDG meetings and if approved they have the rights to be present and be part of the discussions. 

The members of the SDG are listed below
​Katarina Jonasson ​Tetra Pak (paper chemistry), chair SDG
​Anders Brolin - Chair of FibRe ​Stora Enso (forest based materials)

Anneli Moldin

Lantmännen (agriculture based materials) 

Anna Larsson Kron ​Nouryon (materials)
​Ulrica Edlund ​KTH (polysaccharide modification)
​Anna Ström ​Chalmers (rheology, biopolymers)
​Lars Wågberg KTH (fibre technology)

​Eva Malmström - v Director of FibRe 

​KTH (polymerizations, nanocomposites)

Anette Larsson - Director of FibRe ​Chalmers (characterization)

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