R&I Emerging Materials

R&I Emerging Materials is led by Timur Shegai. 

Timur will be supported by Mikael Fogelström, an expert in modeling of transport properties of nanomaterials, Saroj Dash, experts in optical spectroscopy and quantum transport characterization of 2D materials, Floriana Lombardi with expertise on topological 2D materials, and Ermin Malic

The key infrastructure at Chalmers includes access to the supercomputers, optical spectroscopy (photoluminescence, absorption, Raman, pump-probe) as well as electronic, spintronic, quantum and magneto-transport measurements. 

The focus of this R&I line lies on uncovering unforeseen material functionalities and providing novel materials and technological concepts for the other three R&Is. 

In phase 1 of the center, we will perform research on

  • Nanopatterned 2D materials with atomically sharp edges
  • 2D Materials heterostructure-based electronic devicesns
  • Nove exciton-based devices
  • Novel thermoelectric materials

Page manager Published: Thu 09 Sep 2021.