Visualisation of aircraft engine part in Virtual Development Lab

Virtual Development Laboratory

The rustic but completely renovated premises supply an innovation environment in which researchers from the fields of manufacturing processes, production systems and product development work together with industry to develop new tools and approaches. The Virtual Development Laboratory gives researchers access to the latest visualization techniques, in an inviting and creative environment. It is hosted by the department of ​Industrial and Materials Science​ at Chalmers but will be open to all researchers within the production research field.
The aim of the Virtual Development Laboratory is to strengthen Swedish innovation abilities and increase the opportunities of finding solutions to some of the great global challenges that the production area is facing. We believe that tomorrows industries need to use more virtual evaluations in their development of new product or production concepts, in order to become more sustainable and competitive on a global market. This laboratory supports that change.

The Virtual Development Laboratory is also available to external actors outside Chalmers. If you want to test your ideas for new products, or the best way to manufacture or recycle a product, please feel free to contact us.

Page manager Published: Thu 19 Apr 2018.