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Production matters

​Production is important. A strong manufacturing sector is critical to retaining jobs and remaining competitive in a global marketplace. In Europe, 37,5 million jobs are located in this industry, which is 30% of the total workforce. The annual turnover is seven billion Euros and a reduction of just 10% caused by lack of competitiveness would have huge negative effects on the European standard of living. Swedish manufacturing industry is responsible for approximately 50% of our export of goods, directly employing more than half a million people. Therefore, successful research, innovation, and education in the area of production will have a big leveraging effect on the Swedish society. 

Collaboration and partnership

We currently have about 200 research projects in progress and the five players we interact with mostly are: Volvo Group, GKN Aerospace Sweden, Volvo Cars, Swerea IVF AB and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). However, in recent years we have collaborated with around 400 partners spread across 23 countries.

Read more about our research projects in Chalmers research database.

Since we work a lot with digitalization and creating virtual tools and methods, we have developed a variety of software. Some of them have been so successful that they have been commercialized through start-ups. Here are some of the companies listed as a result of production research at Chalmers:
RD&T Technology AB
Cope Sweden AB
IPS - Industrial Path Solutions AB

Read the example of research about 3D virtual layout planning being turned into a new spin-off company. [In Swedish]

These software and spin-off companies are still an important part in obtaining research results for industry. Our way of working is a circulating innovation process. Ideas are based on both industrial and scientific needs. Concepts are tested quickly by industry and feedback stimulates creative innovations.

National Innovation Labs

Chalmers Production wants to enhance the speed between research idea and realization. To make that possible there are now four integrated national innovation laboratories: one for virtual development, one for production systems, one for manufacturing processes and one with focus on smart and digitalized industry. The labs are a neutral arena where academia and industry can meet in a creative atmosphere. We believe that this environment makes research results reach industry faster - which is a huge benefit for society.
  • Research project groups are able to meet and discuss multi-disciplinary topics.
  • Scientific seminars and exhibitions are easily arranged.
  • Industry is invited to collaborate in research projects but also to use the wide range of tools to inspire their own research and development activities.
  • Modern high-tech educational lectures will benefit our students.
  • An attractive laboratory environment increases international research collaboration.
  • The labs create a unique environment where it will be possible to try out an idea in a virtual scenario and then test it in a real production environment. Verification of ideas is easier and it is also easier to get a comprehensive view of all aspects of the idea. 
The National Innovation Labs are open to all research actors within the production area as well as our industrial partners. Welcome to participate - just contact our research team!

Read more about our laboratories.


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