Illustration of smart robots

Digital product and process development

​The aim of developing products, production systems and processes with the goal of completely eliminating defects is set high. However, it is a must to reduce the negative impact on climate and the environment as well as human health according to the UN Global Sustainability Goal No. 12. Efficient use of resources not only means environmental benefits but also social and economic benefits.

The areas currently focused on are:
  • Digital twins: Detailed information about products, assembly plants and joining methods have been used for a long time for virtual development. By feeding simulation models with real-time data, it can be used as a digital twin and be used to control the process of achieving high quality for as low use of resources as possible.
  • Machine intelligence is about giving machines artificial intelligence.
  • Continuous Production Intelligence: We want to be able to use continuous, real-time data analysis to continually improve the process of continuous production of, for example, drugs, liquids or powders.

Page manager Published: Wed 04 Sep 2019.