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Essential competence areas

The strategic focus on production research at Chalmers since 2009 has led to the university now having a very good base to work on from outside when the Production Area develops the business to meet future challenges. The core areas of competence are the starting point for new profile areas and active research fields.

Three essential competence areas​

The three areas of expertise represent three different angles of production technology. All three depend on productivity and resource efficiency. Competitiveness is the natural and underlying driving force for academic and industrial research in the field.

Manufacturing Processes

Environmentally benign, resource and energy efficient manufacturing processes for traditional and new materials. Some examples are new techniques to create high performance sintered products and lead-free brass, as well as additive manufacturing of metals.

Prof Lars Nyborg
+46-31-772 12 57

Production Systems

Development and operation of resource and energy efficient, high performing production systems and human-friendly workplaces. Also automation and interaction between humans and automation of cross-industry applications. 

Prof Johan Stahre
+46-31-772 12 88​

Product Development

Methods and tools for platform based development of products which are sustainable and robust throughout the complete product life cycle. Modeling, simulation and optimization, combined with support for decision making are major research areas.

Prof Rikard Söderberg
+46-31-772 86 17​

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