Production Systems

Here we focus on development and operation of resource and energy efficient, high performing production systems and human-friendly workplaces. Much of the research is about automation and interaction between humans and automation of cross-industry applications. The work is highly focused on digitalization and conversion of big data to smart data and communication/connection.

Profile leader
Prof Johan Stahre
+46-31-772 12 88

Active research fields

Active fields are addressing current issues and are therefore adjusted over time. These are the present active fields within Production Systems:

Global production networks

This field combines next-generation mobile technology, 5G, with manufacturing technologies. The ambition is to create a world-class manufacturing that can demonstrate higher performance thanks to improved efficiency, and increased flexibility and traceability. Within the four main life cycle phases for a production system (design, installation, operation and maintenance), will best practices be developed for the use of mobile ICT infrastructure, connectivity tools, sensors, and the interaction between the operator and the system.


Prof Johan Stahre, e-mail:​, phone: 031-772 12 88​

Humans and Automation 

Research is focused on the allocation of tasks between humans and technology, specifically automated components, e.g. robots, and automated equipment. Projects within this field have applications within manual assembly as well as robotics. Ergonomics of manual work, semi-automated production and robotics are parts of the optimization​.
Prof Johan Stahre, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 12 88
Prof Bengt Lennartson, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 37 22

Production Service and Maintenance Systems

Mainte​nance of digitalized production systems, i.e. Smart Maintenance. Analytics of big data sets in maintenance is of specific interest and the active field is working with developing a framework for prescriptive maintenance. This concept combines line-level analysis with data analytics on a machine and sensor level to predict future failures and propose counter actions even before disturbances occur.​
Ass. Prof Anders Skoogh, email:​, phone: +46-31-772 48 06

Production System Performance

The focus of this field is to establish a theoretical and empirical base for production system performance assessment and calculation. Time, cost, and factors of sustainable production will be integrated to models methods, and tools for system analysis. The area is a typical field for collaboration between Chalmers and Lund University.
Prof Carin Andersson, e-mail:, phone: +46-46-222 95 39
Ass. Prof Peter Almström, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 12 83
Prof Mats Winroth , e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 12 17

Virtual Production Systems

In this active field models, methods, and tools for virtual representation of geometry assured production systems converge. Thus enabling visualization of production systems and their performance from the perspectives of e.g. management, production developers, operators, and maintenance personnel. Methods for simulation of discrete events, ergonomics, people (computer manikins), geometric tolerances (tolerance management) etc. are developed, tested and integrated.
Prof Björn Johansson, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 38 09​

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