Screen shot of the students and teachers participating in the course
​The new type of group pictures! From the presentation with students and supervisors. You can meet some of them in filmed interviews – see the links below.​​

An opportunity to try life as a researcher

​​The programme, with the aim to attract talented students into a research career, is attracting more and more students. Johan Malmqvist sums up the third year version of the programme.​

Tell us a bit about the Research Associate Programme 

"The programme has the aim of connecting students within our master programmes to researchers within the area of Production.  The students will work in a project, run by one of our faculty members. The students contribute by lab experience, performing interviews, literature searchers and so forth. Hopefully they will get a taste of what research work is like and maybe become PhD students in the future," says Johan Malmqvist, Co-Director Area of Advance Production​ and responsible for the programme.
"This is the third time and we have gone from 4 students to 5 a year. There were 15 students applying for 2020, so we can see that many students wish to connect with our researchers. We think the programme is developing in a very nice way."

How many projects and in what areas?
"We have been running 5 projects this year within material, additive manufacturing, and big data analysis. Some of the projects interact with each other. This year we connected the student working with big data analysis with the additive manufacturing (AM) project, so that he used data generated in AM process.
We estimated that they have to work one day/week during a semester. Well spent hours, I think."

How did it turn out this year?
"This year’s programme worked very well, despite the Covid-19 challenges. The students did excellent work, with several scientific articles on their way. The programme continues during 2020/21 and I am happy to see a very high student interest!”​

Projects 2020: 

Sumanth Sai Mikkilineni, master student Industrial Ecology
Supervisors: Björn Johansson and Arpita Chari

Big data analysis in additive manufacturing chain of activities
Dominika Hamulczuk, master student Product Development
Supervisor: Ola Isaksson

Quoc Hung Dang, master student in Quality and Operations Management
Supervisor: Ida Gremyr

Sourav Nanda Kumar, master student in Applied Mechanics
Supervisor: Gaetano Sardina

Metallurgical characterization of automotive crankshafts made from recycled and iron-ore based steel
Bharath Mandara
Supervisors: Uta Klement and Philipp Hoier

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