Stena Industry Innovation Laboratory

​Welcome to a laboratory and demonstration facility for the next generation production systems. Fast communication systems, open robotic environment and augmented reality assembly are offered. Here, future engineers are trained and the lab also provides opportunities for industry to test new technology opportunities in the practical test beds. The new production laboratory is located at Chalmers Campus Lindholmen.

The lab corresponds well to the concepts found within the German production venture Industrie 4.0, which is based on the concepts of "Internet of Things", cloud services and advanced production technology. The expected impact is extremely quick and easy communication between products, machines, people and businesses but also substantial streamlining of communication between the various stages of product value chains.

The new equipment will provide the users with knowledge of digitized production and an understanding of how, when and where to use the new digital tools. It is about how products, machinery and people shall communicate with each other and with other systems.


These are some of the technical solutions you can find in the lab:

  • SCADA/HMI (iX) from Beijer Electronics
  • RFID from Vilant
  • Vision system from Elektro Automation
  • Smart Board from DPJ
  • UR5 Robot from AH Automation
  • Remote Guidance from XMReality
  • FluidSim från FESTO

The idea is that the equipment will be used in as well teaching and research as industrial cooperation. The laboratory is available for students in mechanical and mechatronics programs at Chalmers Lindholmen. But we also have cooperation with researchers in information and communication technologies and researchers who work with integration between man and machine. Industrial companies are also most welcome into the environment.

Progress is fast and the laboratory is built to quickly integrate new solutions in advanced manufacturing technology and communication. 


If you are interested in participating in the lab as a partner, please feel free to contact Dr. Åsa Fasth-Berglund.

Read more about the inauguration here [In Swedish].


Published: Thu 16 Apr 2015. Modified: Mon 23 Oct 2017