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The mind of the machine – digital twins and processing intelligence

Initiative seminar 2019

Locality: Lindholmen Conference Center​, Chalmers Campus Lindholmen, Gothenburg

Date: 26 March 2019 (Note: you can choose full or half day session, see agenda)

The seminar is free of charge, but registration (see below) is mandatory. 

​Industrial design and engineering, as well as healthcare, are facing unprecedented challenges with product complexity, sustainability requirements and increasingly faster innovation cycles. A key enabler of digitalization is virtual models of processes, products or services. By pairing the virtual and physical worlds we allow for analysis of data and monitoring of systems to take care of problems before they even occur. 

This seminar presents opportunities in production with support from digital solutions from process to system. We have invited three distinguished keynote speakers, who will share their knowledge of simulation within their respective research areas

Rainer Stark​, Professor of Industrial Information Technology, TU Berlin and head of Virtual Product Creation division at Fraunhofer IPK, Andrzej Górak,​ Professor with focus on Reactive and Non-reactive Distillation, TU Dortmund, and the granulation nestor, Professor Agba Salman The University of Sheffield. ​Read more about them below.

Furthermore, a wide range of researchers from Chalmers will talk about their latest findings as well as invited speakers from Fraunhofer Chalmers Center​AstraZeneca and Essity​.





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