Education for sustainable production

We have developed a framework strategy for implementing sustainability in our programmes. By offering options on different levels we want to meet individual needs when guiding our students to a higher level of sustainability knowledge. The framework identifies certain components that should be included in all programmes. However, one essential element of the strategy is the recognition that sustainability education needs to be very closely connected to applications and decision-making in the student’s study field, for example mechanical, chemical or civil engineering.

The strategic framework comprises four building blocks: fundamental, integrated, advanced and specialized sustainability knowledge. The (1) fundamental element is typically implemented in a first or second year course, and develops knowledge of common sustainability topics and definitions along with domain-specific sustainability concepts. There is, thus, a common core for all Chalmers students, but already here there is some adaptation to the field of study. In the (2) integrated elements, teaching of sustainability takes place inside a disciplinary course or project. On the (3) master’s level, all master’s programmes are required to include learning experiences that further advance the student’s sustainability knowledge. This can take place through dedicated courses or integrated learning experiences, or both. Chalmers has further designed its total offering of master’s programmes so that each student can select at least one relevant (4) sustainability-specialized master’s programme.

If you are interested in learning more about the aspects of sustainability in relation to product and/or production development, you can have a look at some of our courses. All courses address basic sustainability concepts and issues, as well as programme-specific concerns such as materials selection, sustainable manufacturing systems  and service design. 

IMS010 - Design for sustainable behaviour

SEE025 - Leadership for sustainability transitions​


PPU065 - Sustainable Development (INDUSTRIAL DESIGN ENGINEERING)

PPU206 - Sustainable Products and Production Systems

MEN126 - Sustainable Product Development



Page manager Published: Sat 23 Feb 2019.