Links to other areas of advance

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology interfaces to several other Areas of Advance through several projects and active areas. In particular we are closely linked within nanomaterials to Materials Science, in nanoelectronics to ICT and in a number of nanotechnological applications – solar cells, nanocatalysts – to Energy.  We also have a clear overlap in nanosensors –cell membrane and DNA studies – to Life Science.
Integral parts of the Area of Advance are the two Linnaeus centra; Centre for Bio-inspired Supramolecular Function and Design - SUPRA, and Linnaeus Centre on Engineered Quantum Systems - Linneqs. Also the newly started Swedish Graphene Initiative is central to many of our researchers.  
We continuously strive to integrate research between our area and other areas to exploit Chalmers’ expertise and resources within different active fields of the Areas of Advance.



Published: Thu 20 Dec 2012. Modified: Tue 24 Jun 2014