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Excellence PhD student positions within AoA Nano

​We are looking for the two brightest minds among all Nano-interested students at Chalmers. The two winners are awarded with one PhD-postion each, which they can place at any Nano research group at Chalmers. This is the second of a yearly recurring call.
​Most PhD student positions are announced by a specific research group, funded by a specific research project. With an Excellence PhD student position you have your own funding, which of course gives you far more freedom in choosing both research group and research project.

A PhD exam in Nano is the perfect start for your career, whether you aim at academic research at the highest level, advancing technology and business ideas in major companies or spinning off your own idea into a start-up company.

The selection is based on three criteria:
1) Your grade average
2) A two-page research proposal, which will be evaluated by research leaders at Chalmers.
3) An interview with the top candidates.

To be eligible to apply your MSc exam should not be older than June 2016. If you have not graduated at the time of application, the exam should be scheduled no later than June 2017. If you are already accepted in a PhD school at Chalmers you are not eligible to apply.

If you win, you have to start your PhD position on the 1st of September 2017, at the latest. The position can be placed at any research group connected to the AoA Nano at Chalmers. The research group has to approve. The research project does not have to be related to the research proposal in the application.

You should apply at the Chalmers web page for open positions ( The position will formally open 1st of November and the dead-line for the application is the 31st of December 2016.

In the autumn 2016, we hope to be able to offer a workshop where you get professional training in writing and presenting your ideas, in connection to the call.

Published: Wed 11 May 2016.