Funding for research exchange

This is an invitation to submit proposals for international  exchange in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology:
To increase the excellence of the nano research at Chalmers, we have initiated a guest research program to be hosted by the recently established area of advance. Everyone involved in nano-related research and employed by Chalmers is invited to apply for funding from the program, which will be open to both welcome scientists from abroad to Chalmers and to facilitate for scientists at Chalmers to go abroad. The applications (see below) will be evaluated by the board of the Area of Advance based on the following criteria:
(i)     The opportunity of the exchange program to increase the excellence of the nano research at Chalmers
(ii)    The opportunity for more than one group at Chalmers and Gothenburg University to benefit from the exchange program
(iii)   Longer (2 to 6 months) rather than shorter (< 1 month) exchange periods will be prioritized. However, exceptions can be accepted.
(iv)    It is encouraged that PhD students or postdocs join a senior scientist during the exchange period, or vice versa.
(v)     Involvement of the guest researchers in teaching activities at Chalmers is encouraged
The proposal should contain (i) a short (1 page) description of the guest researcher’s (or the host group’s) research, (ii) a 2 pages project description, (iii) CVs and publication lists of the applicants (both the guest researcher and the host group) and (iv) budget of the exchange project. The total budget for the exchange program will be 500 kSEK annually. Each project should have a budget of up to 100 kSEK.
Proposals should be sent electronically as PDF files to Svetlana Adamovic: Proposals can be submitted continuously.
Best regards,
Fredrik Höök
Chair of the Guest Research Programme Committee for the Nano Science Initiative at Chalmers

Published: Wed 10 Oct 2012. Modified: Thu 20 Dec 2012