Materials Science at the Gothenburg Science Festival

​Chalmers Areas of Advance-Materials Science hosted two popular events during the 2017 International Science Festival in Gothenburg. The activities involved both 3D printing and a science quiz.

​One activity was part of the program called DigiLab where students aged 10-12 years visited Chalmers to try out experiments using digital techniques to solve various problems. The materials science activity involved 3D-printing of Lego bricks, which were then subjected to several materials tests and compared with a commercial Lego brick, while discussing a future world of sustainable plastics.

Materials Science also hosted an exhibition for the general public in Nordstan. During four days visitors could pass by and learn about “Materials in our daily lives”, perform experiments and talk about materials science with the Masters Students from Chalmers. The exhibition featured highlights such as materials for energy applications, 3D-printing, materials from the forest, smart textiles and sports materials, where old and new sports equipment were compared. A video displaying the Chalmers/SSPA project “the Flying Optimist” caught a lot of attention. A science quiz was also organized at the exhibition and at the end of the festival 12 lucky winners received a movie ticket as a price.

Published: Fri 19 May 2017.