Area of Advance Award to Paul Gatenholm

Paul Gatenholm, Professor of Biopolymer Technology, is the 2011 winner of the Area of Advance Award. He will receive the award for his successful entrepreneurship and capacity to find applications for his research that are of direct benefit to society.

Paul Gatenholm
Paul Gatenholm is a highly innovative researcher and is constantly identifying business
opportunities through his research and successfully establishing himself within new areas,
including biopolymers and regenerative medicine. In both these research fields he has
founded companies, Xylophane within biopolymers and Arterion in the implant field. He is
also co-ordinator of a European research programme within nanomedicine, where his own
project involves the development of an artificial ear using nanocellulose and stem cells.

Paul Gatenholm is a highly inspirational teacher and he is particularly popular due to his
interest in constantly using examples from practical applications in his teaching. His courses
have a considerable element of experimental work, often in the form of problem-based
projects where the students are guided towards understanding the link between synthesis,
structure and features of specific materials. The majority of the many students he supervises
each year have been assigned tasks linked to questions of an industrial nature.

The Area of Advance Award
To highlight good mentors and to encourage work aimed at integrating education, research
and innovation, a new award was established in 2010 worth SEK 100,000. Through this
year's award, Chalmers management has sought to focus on a person who is working
actively to integrate the utilisation aspect into research and teaching at an early stage.

TEXT: Anne-Marie Hermansson
FOTO: Jan-Olof Yxell

Published: Mon 11 Apr 2011. Modified: Fri 13 Jan 2012