Materials for tomorrow 2020

The topic of the 2020 Materials for Tomorrow was "The Forest", and the event took place online on Nov 18 with several internationally recognised speakers. Find out how the forest can provide new solutions for electronics, cars, textiles, hydrogels, composites, and more! 

You can watch a recording of the livestream, above this text - or you can watch on YouTube (link opens new tab).

We currently do not know for how long the recording will be available.

Please note that due to technical issues, the talks start at around 23 minutes into the video. Each presentation is approximately 25 minutes including questions.


Welcome addressMaria Abrahamsson​, Director of the Area of Advance Materials Science, Chalmers University of Technology

Merima Hasani​, Chalmers University of Technology: "Functionalization assets of cellulose in aqueous alkaline solutions"​

Akira Isogai​, University of Tokyo: "Key technologies to prepare cellulose nanofiber/polymer composites with high mechanical and thermal properties"​

Olli Ikkala​, Aalto University​: "Can materials mimic associative learning: Lessons from agarose gels​"

Anna Wiberg​, BioInnovation: "Driving change"

Eva Malmström​, KTH Royal Institute of Technology: "Wallenberg Wood Science Center – A unique research environment for tomorrow’s forest-based materials"

Anette Larsson​Chalmers University of Technology: "FibRe – A competence centre for design for lignocellulose-based thermoplastics"


Lisbeth Olsson, Chalmers University of Technology: "From wood to wood components – what can enzymes contribute with?" 

Herbert Sixta, Aalto University: "Towards the Development of a New Lyocell Fiber Spinning Process"

Magnus Berggren, Linköping University: "Electrical energy storage in materials from the forest"


Greetings from All Wood Composite Platform

Michaela Kogler, Lenzing AG: “Consequences of Plastic Pollution on the Environment”

Andreas Haider, Wood K Plu​s​: “Wood & Wood related – R&D highlights with Biocomposites”

Tiina Nypelö​, Chalmers University of Technology: “About organization of cellulose nanocrystals in suspensions – relevance to the future products”

Amir Asadi, Texas A&M University: "Cellulose Nanocrystals-Enabled Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Polymer Composites with Tailorable Properties"

Concluding remarksMaria Abrahamsson​

About Materials for Tomorrow

Materials for Tomorrow is an annual conference - started in 2010 - covering research, education and innovation in materials science. It is one of Chalmers' Initiative Seminars, and is a crucial meeting place for people representing research, innovation and society. ​

Materials for Tomorrow 2020 relates to several major efforts within wood-based materials in Sweden, namely: Wallenberg Wood Science CenterFib:RETreesearchAvancell, and All Wood Composite Platform​.​

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