SOFT Microscopy Centre

SOFT Microscopy Centre is a joint effort between Chalmers University of Technology and Research Institutes of Sweden - RISE.  The centre is part of the Material Science Area of Advance at Chalmers.

The centre is built around the unique competence about material properties, structures and preparation of soft materials and the state-of-the-art instrumental equipment at Eva Olsson Group at the Department of Physics at Chalmers, Chalmers Materials Analysis laboratory (CMAL) and Product Design and Perception at RISE Agrifood and Bioscience.  

Vision and Goals

SOFT Microscopy Centre is a strategic initiative with the aim to establish new concepts for soft material design, based on leading competence. Here high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy will be combined with in-depth knowledge of sensitive soft materials containing water, lipids and functional interfacial structures.
Our goals are to:
• Establish new concepts in structure design of a new generation of soft biomaterials
  with tailored properties based on microstructure research.
• Develop new methods for microstructure research including 3D imaging and dynamic
  experiments over a range of length and time scales giving a competitive edge.
• To be the evident partner in international programs and national infrastructures.
• To create an environment where academia and industry can utilize expertise
   through a new infrastructure introduced  by the centre.

​SOFT Microscopy Network

The Soft Microscopy Centre hosts a network for microscopy of soft materials. The network includes industrial scientists, specialists, research managers and academic scientists with an interest in applied science and soft microscopy. The network is a result of the response from the successful industrial workshop at Chalmers May 5, 2017, an event that attracted 40 participants from industry, institutes and academia. The purpose of the microscopy network is to promote knowledge in material microstructure and structure design by microscopy. The network also aims to inspire new collaborations and strengthen the applied research in the field of structures and properties of soft materials, all based on industrial needs.
The network will illustrate the possibilities of soft microscopy. This includes solving industrial challenges, involving large research facilities and visualising the capabilities of the new forefront microscopes and techniques. Furthermore, the network aims at strengthening the competence in the field of soft microscopy and will encourage joint projects.

The network is led by RISE and Chalmers. It includes a number of activities: two full days meetings every year, one during the spring and one during the autumn. Each meeting will have a theme and include for example:
•    Presentations by leading international and national specialists.
•    Information and demonstration of advanced microscopy techniques and its possibilities.
•    Seminars by researchers at Chalmers and RISE.
•    Information about the research environments and infrastructures at Chalmers and RISE.
•    Hands-on workshops.
•    Workshop discussions and knowledge exchange. 

Details of the meetings will be decided jointly by the participants, RISE and Chalmers.  Five persons from each network partner (maximum) can participate at the same meeting or session. If more participants from a partner would like to attend a certain meeting, an additional fee will be charged. In addition, in the network we will also discuss pilot projects with the participants. The cost for participation in the network for each partner is 20 000 SEK per year.

For more information, please contact:
Niklas Lorén,, 010-516 6614
Eva Olsson,, 031-7723247


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