​The 2015 winner of Materials Science Photo contest: scanning electron microscopy image of an osteocyte
​The 2015 winner of Materials Science Photo contest: "Through the eyes of an osteocyte".
​Photo by: Furqan Ali Shah, Dept of Biomaterials, University of Gothenburg

Photo contest

​How would you illustrate materials science research at Chalmers? We invite staff and students at Chalmers and the Department of Biomaterials at University of Gothenburg  to the second edition of our photo contest. 

The photos that enter the competition are used to profile and promote the materials science research taking place at Chalmers and the Department of Biomaterials at University of Gothenburg. (We have had much use for the photos from the previous competiton in 2015.)

Be creative! If the research topic you have in mind is cellulose-based materials, your photo could be anything from a micrograph from an experiment to a close-up photo of a beautiful tree.

A jury will select finalists, and these photos will be exhibitied during Materials for Tomorrow 2018, where visitors may vote for their favourite photo. Fine prizes will be awarded to the thee photos with the highest number of votes.

Participation is free of charge.



Selection criteria: 
  • Originality
  • Overall impression
  • Composition (technical and aesthetic)
  • Narrative portrayal of our research

The procecude is simple:

  1. Take a picture that you think represents something that is going on in materials science research at Chalmers (or the Department of Biomaterials at University of Gothenburg)
  2. Come up with a great title and description
  3. Fill out the form (link below)
  4. Send the high resolution picture by email to materials@chalmers.se or use Wetransfer.com.


  • Contestant must be employee or student at Chalmers at the time of submission
  • Photos must be submitted in a common digital format (.jpg, .png, .tif)
  • Photos taken using a DSLR camera, a smartphone or a scientific instrument all compete on level terms
  • Some image editing is allowed; however we do not accept montage (fusing of several images, HDR, stitching), multiple exposures and double exposure. Removing or adding elements, for example, animals, plants, clouds, snowy weather etc. is not allowed.
  • Every contestant can compete with a maximum of 3 photos
  • The photos need to be in high resolution and be taken by the contestant
  • You must be the copyright owner of any works submitted (i.e. you cannot submit pictures that have been used in a scientific article where you have given away your copyright) and you also confirm you have the necessary permission from people who may appear in the photo.
  • Name the file firstnamelastname, and include a number if you submit more than on entry to the contest
  • Contestant retains ownership of the copyright in any submitted photographs. However, by entering photograph(s) in this Contest, contestant grants Chalmers the irrevocable, perpetual right to edit, adapt, use and publish in any media now known or hereafter discovered any or all of the photographs without compensation to the contestant, his or her successors or assigns, or any other entity. Photograph(s) shall be given attribution credit based on the name supplied with submission.

Published: Tue 05 Feb 2019.