Chalmers students on campus

Chalmers students on campus

Photo: Peter Widing

Education in Materials Science

Our strategic research environment in materials science influences education at all levels. We work together with several departments at Chalmers, to further develop the curriculum in the graduate schools and to identify generic courses.

PhD level

There is a Graduate School in Materials Science with a common curriculum at the five departments involved. There are also more topical graduate schools offering summer schools and training. The Soft Matter Graduate School offers specialized courses to all Swedish PhD students, thus having a national responsibility in the field.

Master's level

On the Master's level there are three programmes with a strong materials science profile: Applied physics, Materials engineering, and Materials chemistry and nanotechnology. Our research results, as well as examples of applications, are used to motivate and explain basic theoretical phenomena. Guest lecturers from industry and institutes are used as a way of increasing the interaction between students and the business sector and society. We also aim to identify generic materials science courses that can be offered in several masters programs of relevance to the area. An example of such a course is the Entrepreneurship and Project Management course offered in the Applied Physics masters programme.

Bachelor's level

On the bachelor's level education is mainly influenced through the involvement of our researchers in courses where, when possible and relevant, research activities are introduced in the lectures by explaining the scientific aspects of the research relevant for the course/project works. In addition, thesis projects are most often performed in a research environment. 

Through our student exchange program with University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), we offer two students who are either just finished with the Bachelor's degreee or have finished the first year at one of our Master's programmes to spend the summer in California to work in a research group at UCSB. More information about the student exhange program with UCSB.

Published: Fri 13 Jan 2012. Modified: Fri 18 Jan 2019